Adidas: a project for bespoke shoes manufactured in-store

German sports outfitter Adidas is working on an automated manufacturing concept for bespoke sports shoes produced directly in-store, one of the group's directors announced on Thursday.

"Customers will enjoy shoes that are fully adapted to their requirements, matching their foot shape and the way they move perfectly," explained board member Glenn Bennett in an interview published Thursday in the Handelsblatt daily paper.


After having their feet measured by a high-tech machine, the customer will be able to order the desired shoes and have them manufactured directly in the store. A few minutes later a robot will deliver the shoes, ready to be worn and enjoyed.

A team of 35 specialists is currently working on this project, code name 'Store Factory", for Europe's largest sports shoes manufacturer. The launch is planned for within the next two years.  

This strategy, besides surprising customers, will allow Adidas to cut down on issues related to production planning and inventory management. These 'mini-factories' do not, however, have the intention of replacing Adidas' huge Asian manufacturing facilities, points out Handelsblatt.

The "Store Factory" project fits with this attitude: "We will get to know our customers like never before", envisages Glenn Bennett, who's also in charge of purchasing for the company. According to him, the project could be extended to feature clothing in the future as well.

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