Antonio Stefano launches handmade tie collection and campaign

Antonio Stefano launched on Tuesday its first line of ties all designed, printed and handmade in Lake Como.
To promote the new line, the Milan- and San Diego-based brand launched its unconventional campaign that features Antonio Stefano ties on nude models. Founder Steven Riznyk said, "Another picture of a man in a suit wearing a tie will not make you stop for a moment, but our shots will. After a few shots with different models, it became clear that the tie probably is not noticed, but our web address is on every shot and we can only hope our audience remembers our brand name."

The Antonio Stefano brand campaign

The professional and amateur models vary in size and were not altered in Photoshop. Also, the brand’s runway shows will include models above and below 5’6 in order to support aspiring models.
Through Antonio Stefano, Riznyk plans raise money to build a hospital for abused and abandoned dogs. “I've created the clothing line to fund an animal hospital, and our goal is to donate at a minimum 25% of the profits of all sales to the hospital fund,” said Riznyk. “I hope it will set an example for all businesses in America to choose a cause, any cause, and donate even half a percent of their profits to make the world a better place."

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