Boucheron celebrates nature with latest high-jewelry collection

Boucheron is celebrating its 160th anniversary with a spectacular high-jewelry collection combining expertise, creativity and innovation. This audacious line revisits the jeweler's favorite theme -- nature -- while setting the tone for the classics of tomorrow.

The French jewelry house has unveiled its latest high-jewelry collection, "Nature Triomphante," combining scientific techniques, high-end skills and creative innovation. This new collection features several exceptional pieces, but its "Fleurs Eternelles" are particularly surprising. These nine unique flower-rings are made using real flower petals thanks to an innovative and unprecedented technique in the world of high jewelry.

Although Boucheron doesn't give much away about the secret process used to make these floral creations, the firm does say that the "Fleurs Eternelles" are made in collaboration with an "artist-petalist." Petals are individually scanned to capture their volumes and finest details, then each petal is "stabilized without pigments or chemicals."

The result is a veritable ode to nature, where petals from peonies, anemones, hydrangeas and roses sit alongside precious stones like padparadscha sapphire, spessartite garnet, indicolite tourmaline and jonquil diamond. Highlights include the "Anémone Meron Bordeaux" ring, featuring a 5.99-carat purple sapphire and paved with yellow and blue sapphires.

Based on the same principles of scanning and capturing intricate details, some of Boucheron's other new high-jewelry creations capture a similarly surprising realism. The "Lierre Givré" necklace, made from titanium and cacholong, reproduces the intricate detail of ivy branches, while the "Nuage de Fleurs" necklace matches hydrangea petals with mother of pearl, diamonds and a 42.96-carat cushion pink tourmaline.

With this "Nature Triomphante" anniversary collection, Boucheron celebrates its heritage and traditional expertise while also looking to the future with innovative new methods and fresh creative vision.

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