Canada Goose revises sourcing claims on PETA report, stock drops

Canada Goose’s stock fell 4.7 percent on Thursday, following reports that the Canadian outerwear giant was stepping away from claiming that its standards “ensure” that its suppliers do not abuse animals. 

Canada Goose pulls 'ethical' sourcing claims on PETA report, stock drops. - Facebook: Canada Goose
The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has been investigating Canada Goose’s advertising practices, and according to the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has since made changes to its website and other marketing materials.  
Among the changes, Canada Goose has removed from its website its “down traceability” video, which is believed to feature a former supplier whose workers were caught by PETA following unethical practices.  
Still, the Toronto-based coat company is denying that its suppliers are tied to the ones caught by PETA, according to The New York Post. 
“The changes to our website were not made at the behest of the FTC, and the FTC did not reach any conclusions regarding whether any prior statements were misleading,” the company said in a statement, in response to the Post article.

“Our website reiterates our commitment to the ethical sourcing and responsible use of all animal materials. Any inference to the contrary is false.”
Canada Goose has long been a target for animal rights activist. 
In November, its first Montreal store opened to protests from animal rights activists, a common occurrence previously seen at Canada Goose store openings across the country. 
“Canada Goose has no right to claim transparency while concealing from customers that its standards are so lax that they would allow coyotes with lacerations and broken bones to languish in traps for days before trappers shoot them to death,” said PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman, in a news statement. 
“PETA urges shoppers to look behind Canada Goose’s humane-washing and see the suffering in the stitches of its coats.”

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