Curly-haired women spend big on product

Hair care retailers have found a lucrative niche – women with textured hair. A recent study by online beauty platform Texture Media has revealed that women with curls spend 100% more on products and are less likely to go to a salon, preferring to splurge on an array of products to tame their manes. 

@DianasBeauty, a popular Youtuber who offers tips and tricks for embracing textured hair - Youtube: DianasBeauty

The textured hair market has become one of the most rapidly-expanding categories in the beauty industry. A study by Texture Trends found that women with curly hair are willing to spend twice as much on hair care products than their straight-haired counterparts. Over a three month period, the study found that women with curls spend an average of $82, while women with calmer hair spent an average of $40.

Further research found that one in four women with curls doesn't go to a salon, instead, they style their hair with an arsenal of different products. 60% of women with textured hair embrace their natural hair texture, says the survey, or in other words, no trips to the blow out salon. That same percentage also uses over four different products per month.

The survey also found that women with curls are also open to discovering new brands. According to to the findings, 91% of women were constantly looking for new products to add to their haircare regime. 

For the study, Texture Media surveyed 3000 consumers. The company offers an editorial and social platform for women with textured and curly hair. 

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