Grayes launches brand refresh

Canadian professional workwear brand Grayes is entering the new season with a brand and e-commerce refresh.
Grayes launches brand refresh - Grayes

As part of the refresh, the brand known for creating Canadian-made professional womenswear, has added some signature features to their pieces, including red detailing on the in-seams of its apparel, and a new blue label. They’ve also streamlined their designs and fabrics for 2017 to feature a more uniform look.
Their e-commerce site has equally been redesigned for a more sophisticated look and user friendly experience.
The brand founded in 2016 by Stephanie Ray, was founded as a solution to Ray’s own experiences shopping for workwear.
“Grayes began with a need I identified while I was in law school. My closet was split into clothes I actually liked, and workwear I bought for interviews, presentations, and networking events. I struggled to find work-appropriate pieces that I loved,” explained Ray, in a news statement. “I believe you should feel like yourself in your work clothes, and that you should love your 9-to-5 wardrobe as much as your favorite pair of jeans, which is exactly why I created Grayes.”
Grayes’ latest collection includes office-appropriate dresses, pencil pants, and various blazers. Pieces range from $175 - $395 and are available online at

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