La Redoute teams up with Feelunique to add beauty products to its e-tail range

French e-tailer La Redoute has decided to tap the know-how of an expert in the cosmetics field, British e-tailer Feelunique, to extend its product range. By teaming up with Feelunique, the former mail-order company now owned by the Galeries Lafayette group has introduced a broad selection of beauty brands to its website.

La Redoute has tapped the expertise of Feelunique, which was founded in 2005 - Feelunique

The alliance between La Redoute and Feelunique takes the form of a marketplace, as customer orders for beauty products on La Redoute are handled directly by Feelunique. There are currently 100 beauty brands and 2,000 product items available on La Redoute, between makeup, beauty accessories, skincare, bodycare and haircare. Among the brands on offer, Korres, Dr Haushka, Bourgeois and Weleda. La Redoute’s declared objective is to eventually feature 4,000 beauty items on the website.

According to Philippe Berlan, general manager of La Redoute, nowadays “people learn to use makeup products on the web, watching YouTube videos.” He added that “La Redoute, as a family-oriented, digital lifestyle platform for fashion and home decoration, is absolutely on the right track in adding beauty products to its range.” For La Redoute, this means an even greater diversification, after it introduced travel and tourism products last June.
La Redoute’s partner, Feelunique, will also benefit from exposure to an additional customer segment. “Besides generating a new income stream for Feelunique, it’s also a fine opportunity for increasing our visibility in France. This initiative is part of our expansion plan, as we seek to establish a significant position on the French online beauty market,” said Joel Palix, CEO of Feelunique and a former director at Clarins. Consistent with this plan, last year Feelunique bought French website The Beautyst.

Translated by Nicola Mira

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