Lakeith Stanfield, Jon Hamm, Kate Mara star in Rag & Bone short film scored by Thom Yorke

Rag & Bone's collaborative relationship with the Radiohead singer -- who has soundtracked several of the brand's campaigns -- continues this fall with a new short film.

Thom Yorke - Photo: AFP

Created to promote the brand's autumn-winter 2018 line, the ten-minute-long "Time of Day" features a number of Thom Yorke songs -- and some big-name actors.

Shot in 16mm film, and directed by cinematographer Thimios Bakatakis ("The Killing of a Sacred Deer"), the video cuts between New York and Los Angeles.

Emma Roberts slurps a diner milkshake, while Pom Klementieff finds herself in a motel room with an uninvited reptile. Kate Mara grabs a cab, Boyd Holbrook lights up in Williamsburg, and cinematographer Reed Morano ("The Handmaid's Tale") is seen behind the camera at Coney Island. Meanwhile, Jon Hamm gets a barbershop shave, Lakeith Stanfield argues with himself on a Brooklyn street and Lake Bell drives out to the Los Angeles River culvert to let loose and dance.

The score features sections from Yorke's 2014 solo record "Tomorrow's Modern Boxes," as well as tracks from his past Rag & Bone collaborations -- 2016's "Villain," 2012's "Twist," 2013's "Stuck Together," 2017's "Coloured Candy," and an untitled song from 2015.

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