Le 66 announces new franchises and future international e-shop

Le 66 is kicking its internationalization efforts into a higher gear. Last year, the Champs-Elysées concept store launched an overseas franchise program, from which resulted two stores this spring. And Le 66 has announced that it has already signed agreements for three new projects and a worldwide online store that also figure into its expansion strategy.

The interior of its franchise store in Beirut - Le 66.

As announced in 2014, but evidently with some delay, Le 66 has opened stores in the Near and Middle East. Franchise partners launched store sin Riyadh in April and in Beirut in May.

But the openings won’t stop there, as three new store agreements have been signed and discussions are underway for two more in 2016. Its first franchise in Asia will be opened in Bangkok, Thailand, while further projects in the Middle East are taking form - specifically in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (with the same franchisee as in Riyadh), as well as in Dubai. There are, meanwhile, additional negotiations underway in Kuwait and Qatar.

The Riyadh store’s new children’s section - Le 66.

Each franchise is different, with a selection adapted to the local market (no more than 25% of any store’s range is shared with any other store), and each location has been designed by a different architect so as to avoid any possible déjà vu. But beyond these physical stores, le 66 will also support its international development with a new online store. 

The launch of ”le66.com”, which will have a global reach, has been scheduled for August 31. While it won’t carry the concept store’s entire range, it will stock no fewer than 3,000 luxury and premium products for women and men.

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