Luxury shoppers see social media as key influence

As Fashion Month continues, a new study shows that luxury shoppers are more heavily influenced by Instagram, celebrity trends and online reviews than what happens on the runways.

Modern luxury shoppers are fully omnichannel

Visual merchandising provider Attraqt commissioned research among 3,000 shoppers in the UK, France, and UAE and said only 18% of luxury shoppers see fashion weeks as their biggest influencer these days.

In fact, Gen Z/Millennial luxury shoppers are more likely to start their buying journey online and to use social media in particular as their starting point. They also switch from online to offline with ease and half of Gen Z cite Instagram as the single biggest influence on their luxury purchases.

Stores still play a key role for luxury shoppers generally with 40% starting their shopper journey there, although 39% are now using smartphones and 29% make the most of a retailer’s or brand’s app. Some 21% look at celebrity trends and 17% of all ages look at Instagram.

Attraqt said what shoppers sees as essential to their shopping experience includes being able to easily find new products as the top priority (25% of shoppers). Discovering new style trends, having the ability to virtually ‘try on’ new style trends, and receiving expert product and trend advice exceeding what’s available on the website, all tied for second place on 15% each.

Detailed knowledge of previous shopping habits came in third place (14%) and advice from a stylist or personal shopper was essential to 8% of those questioned.


In terms of direct influences on the purchase of a luxury item, online reviews topped the list with 29% of the vote. Celebrity trends came in second place with 28%. A brand’s own content online and its in-store VM scored 26% each, while Instagram was on 24% for all ages. Fashion weeks scored 19% and online magazines 18%, with bloggers on 10%.

When shoppers are unclear of what they want to buy, social media becomes the key influencer (35%), followed by trending product recommendations (34%) and direct access to favourite product categories on a home page (32%). Some 26% found editorial/feature stories based on collections or trends on a brand’s website helpful. Recommended content from a brand’s ambassadors scored 24% and image-led recommendations such as Shop the Look, appealed to 23%.

That’s what people like, but what don’t they like? Some 23% are unhappy as they say websites and apps force them to search through too many menus and tabs. And 22% don’t think they can get suitably detailed imagery and video to help them decide, while 21% feel the same way about text that isn’t comprehensive enough. They also hate irrelevant search results (16%) followed by impersonal or irrelevant recommendations (13%).

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