Moschino goes teleshopping in Wonderland

Moschino took its audience on an exhilarating ride through the magical world of game shows and teleshopping channels in Milan on Thursday. The show began with the raising of an enormous black curtain, which revealed the kitsch decor of a vast TV set, soon to be invaded by an army of blonde fembot lookalikes. 

Moschino - Womenswear - Fall/Winter 2019-20 - Milan - Instagram

In the middle of the set was a gleaming Ferrari, rotating at the centre of a prize showcase displayed in a series of different studios, each one tackier than the last. A lawnmower was demonstrated on fake turf in front of a backdrop depicting a blue sky, while a TV cabinet was spotlighted in a domestic environment combining leafy plants, floral upholstery and a dated wall-mounted lampshade, and a slot machine was displayed before a glittering wall of golden tiles – and who could forget the inevitable vacuum cleaners and miscellaneous exercise equipment!

The Italian fashion house's creative director Jeremy Scott plunged wholeheartedly into this lurid and sometimes trashy world, where everything was not only fake, but also ugly and exaggerated, with towering bouffant hairstyles being matched with garish diamond jewellery and over-the-top outfits. 

Outdated tack fought with bad taste for the upper hand, whether in golden jewel-encrusted coats, fur dresses embellished with gold rhinestones and oversized bows or strapless mini dresses and suits in a green dollar print, not to mention the voluminous furs, which included a never-ending arctic fox stole which dangled around the model's feet. 

Moschino - Womenswear - Fall/Winter 2019-20 - Milan - Moschino/Instagram

Packaging from different household products like detergents and cereals was worked into the patterns of a number of tight-fitting looks and chic tracksuits decorated with sequins and crystals. 

And as always at Moschino, the accessories also played a starring role, with handbags in the shape of dollar bills, tubes of toothpaste, bottles of detergent, hairdryers and slot machines. 

At the end of the show, the models took their places in the various studios, where they shimmied around in an effort to flog their tawdry wares, while Jeremy Scott took his tour of the catwalk, before finally being helped into the Ferrari. 

Translated by Robin Driver

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