Nearly all consumer goods brands and 90% of fashion labels on Chinese app WeChat

According to the L2 business intelligence firm, nearly all consumer goods brands, including the majority of cosmetics brands and 90% of fashion labels, are now present on the Chines mobile app combining calling, messaging, social networking and meeting services.

In the last two years, nearly all consumer goods brands launched on WeChat   L2

Brand presence has grown explosively on WeChat: in 2014 only 71% of beauty brands, 55% of toiletries brands and 42% of fashion labels were present on the app. The impact of posting on WeChat has also been boosted by the number of celebrities featured on it, a must in advertising campaigns in China. When a star mentions a brand on WeChat, the number of interactions generated is reportedly 6,000 times greater than that achieved by the brand on its own, while the number of people reached multiplies by a factor of 1,800.

"As China's leading communication tool, WeChat has become the all-in-one mobile app for consumers, concentrating into a single device their payment tool, loyalty card, customer relations, marketing emails, brands' apps, store locator and traditional online advertising," said L2. "A brand's ability to embrace all of the tools available on WeChat will determine its success.

Translated by Nicola Mira

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