Paris attacks: 'Pray for Paris' t-shirts and sweaters already on sale on eBay

Less than three days after the tragic Paris events, while the French authorities are still struggling to make sense of how the terrorist attacks that killed over 130 people and plunged the city and the entire nation into panic, some people on eBay are already trying to make money out of the tragedy, by selling t-shirts, fridge magnets and other gadgets with the 'Pray for Paris' message, which spread worldwide, especially through social media, in honour of the victims' memory.

A white t-shirt featuring the 'Pray for Paris' slogan in blue, white and red, the colours of the French flag, is on sale at the online retailer for €14.94 (with the 'Buy Now' formula). There are also black men's and women's sweatshirts for €30, stickers, fridge magnets from €2 to €5 each, many of them etched with the slogan 'Je Suis Paris', echoing last January's 'Je Suis Charlie'.

The logo is the one that was designed and posted on Twitter by artist Banksy soon after the attacks: a black on white drawing of the Eiffel Tower within a circle, a variant of the universally recognised symbol for peace. The countries of origin of the goods' online sellers are Germany, the UK and France itself.

Fonte: Adnkronos