Superdry debuts interactive smart mirror at Berlin flagship

British fashion brand Superdry has partnered with innovation firm Seymourpowell to create an interactive smart mirror that lets customers to digitally try on pieces from the new winter collection.



In addition to offering a wholesale showroom, a café and a showcase space, Superdry’s new megastore in Berlin, launched earlier this month, features the brand’s latest innovation: a smart mirror.

Using a camera and body tracking technology, the mirror allows customers to browse products, choose colour variants and add design details to each piece of the brand’s new winter collection.

Customers can also see their ‘reflection’ on the mirror with a computer animated character replicating their movements. Items can be digitally tried on using hand gestures, and shoppers can select their favourite piece with an ‘air punch’.



The feature will collect data, such as which products are more popular, to help Superdry tailor its future collections.

"The Smart Mirror creates new ways for customers to interact with products and it allows Superdry to be at the forefront of this new technology and innovative customer experience,” says Pat Fahy, creative director of Customer Experience at Seymourpowell.  

Whether Superdry is planning to roll out more mirrors across its stores remains to be seen, however Fahy said the firm is looking forward to developing the concept further. Either way, the move is part of a wider industry trend to integrate digital features to physical stores.

Other brands innovating in the field include Ralph Lauren, which rolled out interactive mirrors in its New York flagship last year. Offering customers an array of options and services, such as identifying pieces of clothing, measuring sizes and even sharing pictures on social media, interactive mirrors are gaining popularity in the retail industry.

When not in use, Superdry’s mirror becomes part of the store’s display and showcases the brand’s latest collection.

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