Tie Rack develops new store concept

Luminous, bright, playing with transparencies: the new Tie Rack store concept breaks decisively with the British-inspired interiors, and the rather dark logo, which prevailed in the past.

A Tie Rack store - Tie Rack

The British retailer was established in 1981 and has long been a specialist in ties. It later expanded its range, adding men's and women's accessories. In the 1990s the brand grew significantly, operating up to 450 stores worldwide. Then, from the 2000s, it was forced to scale down. In 2013 the UK parent company ceased trading. It was owned at the time by Italian investment fund Fingen.

JAD Investissements, Tie Rack's French partner, then decided to take over the business. It has now created a new store design, to be deployed in the course of this year.

Tie Rack's logo is now white and bright, and its shop-windows are decorated with bubbles showcasing the brand's colourful scarves and accessories, part of its approximately 1,500 items for men's and women's. A bow window at the back of the store adds a British touch.

Tie Rack is also expanding its range through collaborations. Its management has forged links with young bespoke shirts brand Le Chemiseur, created in 2014 by Jan Schutte.

Translated by Nicola Mira

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