Twinery launches Nova self illuminating running jacket

Twinery has launched a new self illuminating running jacket called Nova that gives off light through fibers embedded in the fabric which can be seen from three football-field-lengths away in the dark.

Nova Jacket - Twinery

​The Nova jacket functions differently compared to traditional reflective fabrics in that it is self illuminating in low-light conditions. The technology is powered by a detachable half-ounce rechargeable battery that lasts for eight hours. The jacket itself is machine washable.

"Because traditional reflectors are not efficient in low light conditions or blind-spots, forty percent of runners are at high risk of injury due to night time motor accidents," said Sid Amalean, co-Founder of Nova.

​The jacket is meant for runners, cyclists and other people working out at night. It has standard performance features including a hideaway hood and thumbholes. It has an earphone wire hole and a water resistant arm pocket to hold a smartphone.

​Twinery is the innovation arm of MAS Holdings. Twinery brings materials, technologies and soft goods to life. Other projects have included Wearable X and Lumo Run, a sensor and app system that analyze form and offer real time coaching to improve mechanics while running and doing yoga.

​Currently the Nova jacket is available for preorder on an Indieogogo campaign. It is slated to ship early next year.

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