Uniqlo launches musical new social campaign

Uniqlo is inviting shoppers to be a part of the brand's new user-generated campaign for its signature line of ‘UT' t-shirts.

The Japanese fashion label has teamed up with the mobile video company TikTok to launch #UTPlayYourWorld, a campaign inviting users to share moments showing them wearing their favorite Uniqlo UT outfits. The graphic t-shirt series has seen multiple collaborations over the years, with famous figures ranging from artists to cartoon characters.

The in-app campaign, which launches tomorrow and will run through July 11, will see users in the US, France, Japan and Taiwan given the opportunity to receive the Grand Prix, meaning their videos will be played on monitors in Uniqlo stores globally. To be eligible to win a Grand Prix, users must be wearing shirts sold during the 2019 Spring/Summer season (from January 2019), and use the official "#UTPlayYourWorld" music.

"TikTok empowers everyone to be a creator directly from their smartphones and is committed to building a community by encouraging users to share their passion and creative expression through their videos," said Masaki Nishida, VP and Head of Monetization, TikTok Japan, in a statement. "We see a huge opportunity for brands to connect with today's generation and expand their reach by embracing the native, natural and creative form of content on TikTok."

The news comes days after Uniqlo officially launched its ‘BT21 UT' series -- a highly-anticipated collaboration with BT21, a band of animated characters created by the K-pop boy band BTS.


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