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Philip Lim Spring Summer Women Collection 2013 in New York (ITW)

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Philip lim reinterprets throughout the season an urban trend but not devoid of a certain romanticism. the is part of the charm of the designer of asian origin, who settled in new york. he reworks the famous `i love new york' t-shirt by bringing stitching details and revisits the overalls made of exclusive materials. the printed bucolic mixes silhouettes to a more 80s feel, more punk. a mixture that isn't scared and that creates silhouettes and very wearable clothes in everyday life. music from the fashion show philip lim :we make clothes that people wear, that's the reality of it all, but you know in the privilege of making clothes you're able to romance reality, so for me i am a diehard romantic but at the same time i have to run a business so you find a way to mix everything. sylvia jorif :i loved this species paradox between the flowers, it's very romantic and was a little bit aggressive, a bit punk and everything was done really well everything and was well edited, with little touches like the classic 80s 'i love new york' t-shirts, deconstructed but completely redone, with tulle, and with chiffon. overall this is an incredible work with mixes of extremely fragile materials compared to stronger materials, such as leather, vinyl, like the shoes, the footwear was great! so, i loved everything.