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Trussardi - Menswear fashion show Fall / Winter 2013/14

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A carpet of dead leaves, décor of undergrowth and birdsong, there's no doubt that we're here for a collection inspired by winter's nature. and this is confirmed with warm and comfortable clothing, perfect for a walk in the forest. nothing ostentatious, but simple and classic pieces inspired by the wardrobe of the founder of the fashion house, nicola trussardi. however umit benan, the artistic director of the brand, takes pleasure in mixing the clothes with sportswear pieces, like a rubber parker, hooded sweatshirts, some tracksuit bottoms or anoraks with a velcro fastening. leather, the dna of the house, is found on coats, bags or on little touches on pockets of a wool gabardine. the result is a chic and casual collection, a perfect demonstration of refined "outwear." music from the fashion show interview umit benan : basically the last look says everything because it is what we call the walk for nicola and it was like him coming out with a dog so basically he was a very busy man, a guy who had lots of kids, lots of work to do, a very important man, the only time he could find time for himself would be while the kids are sleeping, him taking out the dog at 5, 6am. so it was like sportswear, really relaxed, very luxurious, very important pieces but with modern details. it was the first time we used very classic fabrics but with modern details, lots of rubber, three or four different kinds of colour combinations with all technical fabric details. the base was classic, it's mostly trussardi , the sportswear that he started before anyone else so it's important luxury sportswear.