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Hervé L. Leroux returns on the scène with haute couture dresses (with itw)

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Hervé leroux had not presented for ten years. invited by the chambre syndicale de la couture, he chose to show his customers and some journalists his first couture pieces : only dresses made in a silk jersey created just for him, requiring eight to ten days of work. music free of right / bandit &nikit 2012 interview hervé l. leroux : it's a work on the woman's body and a real work on the morphology, they are dresses that are very close to the body, i'm no longer working on the bandage dresses, it's about draping so it's a very meticulous work, colour is important, it's my style and they are dresses that make you dream. i have this enthusiasm for women that i dress, that makes me carry on, and i find that the expression is stronger when focusing on fewer things, it's not because i want to use another fabric, or three or four fabrics, this is not what makes clothes better. for me, it's more the idea of a sculptor, there is something to see with this. dita von teese : his dresses are pure classic glamour, i've worn his dresses for all of my perfume campaigns, for anything, all my most important photo shoots here in paris, for cointreau, for everything with my photos with ali mahdavi we always look to hervé first before anyone else to wear dresses for the photo shoots because i think it epitomizes classic, old hollywood but with a modern elegance and modern touch. my friend suzanne who is also a big fan if hervé and originally brought me to hervé, she said these dresses are man catchers!