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Todd Lynn Fall Winter Collection 2013/14 in London

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Todd lynn evolves from season to season, creating strong silhouettes as always but marking next winter with a little more romance. his inspiration taken from a new york gang who stole clothes from people in the street and reworked them with the help of couturiers, is also quite successful. all sleeves are therefore well cut, jackets seem to be belted at a new point on the waist. the lace prints were created by the designer himself, his delicateness is enhanced by the combination of dark blue garments. for the evening double pleated skirts make an impression, not to mention the very `lynn' boots made by the french christian louboutin. music from fashion show todd lynn : i think that's what's interesting right now, it's the idea of dichotomy of sexes, and how you can morph things together and things don't have to be masculine and androgynous they can actually exist, the two sexes together in clothing, so you can get a tailoring that still has a feminine side to it and still looks elegant but it still has a structure and really that's what i love, i love structure and tailoring and just being able, but at the same time not making it frightening and not making it scary for people to approach, for women approach it, so they can feel comfortable in it. the story of the collection is that there was a gang in new york that existed in the 1800s and they used to mug policemen and gentlemen and steal their clothes and then they would take their clothes back and re-sew them together, so there are things like the holes in the sleeves, the sleeves are like re-stitched on, there are men's jackets which are just taken in at the back and really it's about this whole thing, and even the pleated skirts are from kilts which have just been cut and tied on with leather and really it's this element where there's a naïve side to it that's really refined.