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Jasper Conran Fall Winter Collection 2013/14 in London

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Jasper conran, well known designer in great britain, also president of the conran shop concept stores since 2012 was one of the first to present his show at london fashion week. inspired by a photo of a young mia farrow, mr conran has created a silhouette reflecting the elegance of the 60s with short skirt suits and checkered jackets, without forgetting the a line which dominates flared dresses. cloche hats and coloured tights only reinforce this idea. the autumnal palette turns into vibrant colours (yellow - orange - pink) and for the evening, a work around circles on pinafore dresses. music from fashion show interview jasper conran : the beauty look for me was mia farrow, early pictures of mia farrow, très gamine, so that was where it started. it\'s the idea of the shift dress that is a-line, it\'s a very easy fit. i started really enjoying myself and breaking all the rules, and i thought right i\'m going to push it, push it and push it and the idea was to push it as far as i possibly could, how colourful can i make one outfit? they started playing with that idea of circles and you work it out and it becomes a theme, so i don\'t plot it, it emerge so i work and work and work for 6 months so things emerge.