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Prada - Fall Winter Collection 2013/14 in Milan (with itw)

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At prada, we find the same set as that of the men's last january: a central wooden island welcomes guests with an exterior view of a palace with stone walls. on the floor, marble blocks and through rising iron curtains, a chinese shadow of a woman's silhouette appears, birds fly and a cat watches. the décor is set. and here, everything is a question of detail : a metallic belt highlights the waist, a flared skirt with an asymmetrical tail is adorned with embroidery on its side and a play of voluminous sleeves are presented on the wrist. a gray palette dominates the first few looks, followed by a pastel colored vichy pattern and large colored stripes dress up straight suits, pencil skirts and little jackets emphasizing the waist. with long, wet hair, falling on the shoulder, the attitude is terribly sensual, supported by transparencies on dresses in knitwear, figure hugging chiffon and embroidered with sequins and black beads. a straight leather skirt is accompanied by a large red checkered coat and chocolate colored mink warms up little delicate evening dresses. take note of boots or flat derby shoes with notched soles worn with the new skirt of the season, below the knee, asymmetrical and wide. once again, miuccia prada sparks great interest by making this a desirable woman who exudes both hot and cold, with her deceptively well-behaved look. music from fashion show interview andré leon talley : miuccia prada always pushes fashion to new levels of interpretation, of sophistication and elegance. i think that in her world, the woman is in control of her destiny, not only are her clothes important but her life must represent something beyond fashion, so as disturbing as it may look on the runway, based on the aesthetics, the clothes are really beautiful and luxurious and modern and they can be worn by women of all ages and there's total luxury not just in the fur cuffs but in the whole attitude about clothes. the ease of the skirts and the comfort of the shoes, the support of the high heels on the rubber soles, the flat shoes, there is a kind of aesthetic that i think is very important for fashion and it gives you a feeling that she is a woman who knows very well how to reflect the world that we live in today.