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Trussardi Fall Winter Collection 2013/14 in Milan (with itw)

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At trussardi, the big belted coat with pockets on the upper sleeves sets the tone for the entire show. here, everything is a matter of detail and attitude. umit benan promotes fashion with simples lines and a focus on leather, a real savoir-fair of the italian fashion house. the pleated skirt is back, just like the t-shirt or the trouser suit, offered in shiny leather. an animal print and a checkered pattern are the only touches of fantasy in an organic palette consisting of black, navy blue, chocolate and beige, often tone on tone. from this unpretentious fashion, accurate and concentrated on the essentials exudes a casual and resolutely wearable elegance. music from fashion show interview umit benan : i'm all about attitude, when i work on it i never start with a piece but i start with the attitude, trying to figure out the woman, what moment in life she's in and who she presents. i really concentrated on myself this time and i really wanted to send out a lot of long men's coats, it's how i like my women, it's like a powerful woman that is pretty private that covers herself, it's very clean, very 90s trussardi. so it was like always round, fat, classic leather. this is much more modern and young, it's precise and really done well. it lightens you and the face up and i kept the face more natural this time so the contrast is a less effortless woman but with expensive, structured pieces. gaia trussardi : i would wear almost all the coats, especially the long one, the foot length one and everything underneath should be soft and feminine so i really loved the graphic print, the square graphic print for the silk clothes, skirts and trousers and joggers that are in silk. i really loved that, and i loved the bags.