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Giambattista Valli - Autumn Winter 2013-2014 Haute Couture Collection in Paris (with ITW)

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A white backdrop with statutes in a wing in the grand palais welcomed giambattista valli’s haute couture collection. cocktail dresses are skirted and short, embroidery is generously sprinkled on frocks in garlands of flowers, almost becoming like bouquets emerging from the dresses. the italian couturier was inspired by the great porcelain schools, such as the blue and white porcelain by the british wedgewood. reds evoke sèvres and multi-colours that of meissen, found on transparent skirts with trains. then ball gowns follow, more spring-like, with gold belts and tiaras signed luigi scianlanga…like a glint in the eye of the princesses and young gilrs of the world, who already fans of valli, risk falling under the charm of this latest collection again… interview giambattista valli : it was a little bit the idea of a winter garden. a winter garden with these statutes a bit like women, this new silhouette is longer, very toned, thus resembling porcelain statues, at the beginning in white and after painted bit by bit inspired by the big porcelain schools, like capodimonte, wedgewood, sèvres, meissen; well all of these stories, but it was the idea of the fantasy of a winter garden…also, it’s true that i never think of a particular season in haute couture, because we dress women from the whole world, so there aren’t really seasons. there is not time, it has to be something loose; it’s a dream. i loved the idea of making something extremely light, but giving volume. light and volume are already contrasts, but it’s about finding a balance between the two. i found that these really light embroideries made with this volume, were the best way. there were all these flowers, a bit like the statutes at the entrance, all these flowers that were growing around the body of this woman. each passage down the catwalk has to tell its own story in haute couture, because prêt-à-porter is another story, a compact story, and so each passage contains a story: a woman, an idea, a memory or something… music from the fashion show