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Portrait of Thierry Wasser, Perfumer ar Guerlain: If you were...

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Thierry wasser has been the nose of guerlain since 2008 and is at the origin of, amongst others, the perfumes iris ganache, idylle and recently la petite robe noire. he goes around the world in search of spellbinding natural materials, like bulgarian rose and orange blossom. a refined man of researched elegance, he like to gives, transmit and recount his travels and his meeting which are, according to him, a necessity to creation. interview: thierry wasser: blue. i’ve always liked that. i don’t know, today, i’m only wearing a blue shirt, but i always wear a lot of blue. when i was younger, we were able to, that shows how old i am, go to the terraces of airports to watch the planes and i must’ve been 6 or 7 years old and i’d never been on an airplane and the dream that i had was to see the enormous things and the smell stayed with me, so i didn’t realise it at the time, but now every time that i’m at the airport, it re-transports me to when i was 6 years old whilst watching the planes, so if there was a fragrance it would be that of kerosene and of airports. i like classical music a lot. when i was younger, i had the opportunity to see karajan, abbado, guilini, ozawa ; the remarkable top artists of the era, and that was a bit more accessible than today and i had the time as well. it’s a job that has always fascinated me; i would have adored being the head of an orchestra. so, if i had to change job today, if i had a magic wand, i would voluntarily transform myself into the head of an orchestra. in fact, i think that it’s a tic or a peculiarity every time that i go somewhere; i was in tunisia and i felt tunisian. when i go to india, i feel indian, bizarrely; i fool myself into thinking that i am that. i was in nabel, close to hammamet, so i took my car, i go there every year, i know the roads off by heart, and i’m at home. so, i would say, because its most recent in my mind, i would say a place is nabel in tunisia. copyright-free music :bandi & nikit-2012