Tom Ford Spring Summer Collection 2014 in London (ITW)

By the end of the show, everybody was exclaiming, ‘It’s Tom Ford! It’s really him!’ It is true to say that the image of a confident, beautiful and sensual woman completely reflects this Spring/Summer 2014 collection. Short dresses are revealed, styled in punctured leather or just covered by a veil or cobwebby bandaging. The use of crystal mirrors, which are assembled like a contemporary work of art, leave you speechless. Sublime biker jackets and black suit trousers made in two different materials, are enough to remind us that Tom Ford remains relaxed and comfortable in any domain and knows exactly how to satisfy his clients.

André Léon Talley: Tom Ford is Tom Ford; he is a fabulous designer and he is at the top of his form and he gives you a great sensibility about today’s concept of dressing in a very sexual way. You have to be very confident to wear Tom Ford’s clothes; you have to be very fit, you have to be very wealthy, you have to love fashion and you want to look and stand out, even if you are just at home alone with your husband.

Tom Ford: It takes you a while; I was out of the women’s wear business for seven or eight years and it takes you a while to re-find yourself for 2014 as opposed to exactly where you were. So I tried a few different things and now we have had women’s wear for several seasons, I know what’s selling, I know what the customer wants and I know better what I believe in for women’s clothing so I think it was very me. What I believe in for this season is very strong, powerful women, I don’t know if you could tell but those girls had swimmer’s bodies actually, strong shoulders and toned legs and then very spare on the face but still really perfectly cared for but very strong and very powerful. There’s nothing more powerful than a beautiful, strong women in a pair of great high heels, it’s very powerful. Sensual is always something that I like, whether they’re long or they’re short, I think texture is very important and sensuality is very important, more than sexuality right now, really sensuality is what is important.

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