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Stella McCartney Spring Summer Collection 2014 in Paris (with interview)

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At the palais garnier, a new delicacy rules at the stella mccartney show. the designer confesses to love working on her summer collections, and plays more than ever with the ideas of fluidity and transparency. shoulders are left bare with bustier dresses, some with thin straps. satin and silk organza work together, following and highlight the curves of the body while lace dominates the latest evening dresses. animal print is placed with great finesse onto jacquard. stella does not forget her usual urban touch which is found on wide cut suit trousers in cotton or silk on cropped tops and even sleeveless jackets. stella’s talent lies in the fact that her silhouette remains so modern and wearable, with an ever so chic attitude as the designer delves further into her material research... interview: stella mccartney: it was very intentional; we wanted to re-approach the summer silhouette and the ‘stella’ woman and to bring her into a sleeker mode so where you would normally find a more oversized, masculine side, we just made her a little bit leaner and brought her more to the body and really having a celebration of summer and feeling everything that we love about summer as a woman and then still keeping the edge and the street element to it with the sporty side. paul mccartney: it’s a beautiful s how, all the women look fantastic. i thought the clothes were beautiful and there seemed to be a little african influence. i thought it was great; i liked the prints that looked like animal prints but weren’t in reality. she’s great! miranda kerr: it’s so beautiful to be here and i love stella and i love her collection. i think i want to take every piece home but i have been a huge stella mccartney fan since day one. that’s what i love about stella’s clothes; they’re very wearable and they’re very user-friendly. i can wear this with my son and it won’t get creased and i still feel sexy and elegant at the same time. music from the show