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Interview With Vick Mihaci, President of Elite Model Management

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How do you become the next kate moss? are there trends that exist even in the world of top models? will russian beauties be replaced by softer, asian complexions? discoverer of talent and new faces, the president of elite model management responds frankly to questions and describes the evolution of models over the years… interview: vick mihaci: we are always searching for our next big star. it is a big part of elite and this competition has existed for 30 years, where we have discovered the next greatest top models, who have gone onto become the next greatest top models. here, there is a place where all social classes are mixed, everyone can showcase themselves and we give a chance to everybody. we have seen big changes, especially changes in personality. we find that today, girls aged fifteen or sixteen are much more confident that than they were ten or fifteen years ago. we are really confronted with two different types of people but this is the evolution of society which also wants this. as for the latest generation, there is a physical change; today, a fifteen or sixteen year-old girl easily reaches five foot eight tall. that used to be an exception and today this kind of criteria has become commonplace, but they also have such confident personalities. even i am slightly intimidated by their demeanour and that is one of the differences you experience today. the market will only represent those things that we will provide; we are the great providers for all the couture houses, all the photographs, so it is partly down to us to establish a trend. i think about the level of beauty, as recently we have been faced with an enormous number of asian beauties because we take into consideration that they are new markets. we must always be researching a kind of unseen beauty, something that does not exist yet. if you are a model, you try to sell something, but what are you trying to sell? you are selling beauty and you are selling a look, because on the runway, you represent what you are showcasing; the clothes. but also you have the great models which we have produced, like gisele, who is still successful, and models like siegried. if they become models with a big name, it is because they have a story to tell and it is because of this that they are distinguished from other models. music free of right/ bandit & nikit 2012