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The Debutante Ball 2013 - 4th episode: Waltzing lesson

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The debutants have spent the last three days together, having photo shoots and final alterations made to their dresses. on the eve of the ball, the girls take a waltz lesson, as this dance traditionally opens the evening of the ball. for this highly anticipated moment they are accompanied firstly by their father and then their cavalier. let the lesson start…. interviews:marc reed :the aim tonight is to open a real ball. this is the debutante ball which is a very important ball for some of these young ladies; this is their first coming out. logically when you do a ball, there is an opening number. so i’ve talked to some of the guests, nobody seem to know how to dance a waltz. that is going to be a big challenge. the idea that it all looks classy, gracious, dignified and beautiful. richard y.m eu :i think it is the first time i have actually danced a waltz with my daughter.paul tange :the debutante ball has been something that is very nice to traditional european culture and as i’m from japan, i never thought that i would be part of it. i was very nervous for about 3 months and every weekend, i thought i would take some lessons and it never happened. but today the gentleman taught us very simply and easily, so let’s hope i don’t ruin her dress tomorrow.francesca packer :i’m very, very glad we’ve got a practice. i’m little bit nervous because this dress is a little smaller than my really big one tomorrow, but it should be good, it was great to have a practice.marc reed :i think the part that is the most difficult is that the man is supposed to lead. and they are supposed to decide before they do the steps, what they want to do and communicate this to the woman. that’s the magical part of dancing. because they concentrate so much on the steps, it is hard for them to think about their partner, that is probably the most difficult part. music free of right/bandit & nikit - 2012