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Umit Benan - Menswear Autumn/Winter 2014/2015 Show in Paris (with itw)

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Umit benan advocates his rejection of racism through his clothes. his inspiration starts with the 1940s, with the brooklyn dodger’s number 42: jackie robinson, an american hero who fought for freedom, the designer also paying homage to martin luther king and nelson mandela. the baseball-pitch setting creates an authentic atmosphere with each model sporting a baseball-glove as a mask. other sporty traits appear throughout this thoroughly american collection: letters are sewn-on like badges whilst quilted baseball shirts are omnipresent. a promoter of peace, umit benan, makes a memorable arrival at paris fashion week, having presented for many seasons in milan.interview:umit benan:it isn’t only a problem in france but all over the world, it is what we live in and the message was that we are all humans. i like the fact that humans are against other creatures but i don’t like the idea of humans versus other humans but it was all very spontaneous: i always organize my collections four or five years in advance so i wrote down this collection about 4 years ago and it just happened to happen now but spontaneously it ends up working because tomorrow is martin luther king day, his anniversary and i just felt it and i wanted to honour jackie robinson, martin luther king, all the great african americans like mandela, i love them so i prefer peace.i have done a sportswear collection in the past like last year but i felt that it was too sportswear and i felt like i lost the classic menswear look which i am known for so i wanted to go back to sportswear but to present it in a really sophisticated way, so that when you come here you see 90 percent classic wear but then you come out and say that it was a great sportswear collection.music from the show