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Gaultier Paris- Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2014 Show in Paris (with itw)

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The jean-paul gaultier haute couture spring/summer 2014 collection is a kaleidoscope of butterflies. as usual, a suited parisian opens the show, tailoring being one of the couturier’s many fortes. shoulder pads and lapels are made up of multiple layers of tulle and even male shirts have caped sleeves.he was the first to introduce woven denim into haute couture, this time with a waistcoat adorned with crystals. butterfly wings balance on shoulders, a bustier embroidered in a patchwork of crystals creating a biker dress whilst a black guipure over-dress gives a tattoo impression. jean-paul gaultier offers the most original and varied haute couture, the big surprise of the show being dita von teese, butterfly of the night. interview:jean paul gaultier:it all started with the idea of little parisians who are evidently very fickle and flighty who flutter about without a helmet nor a scooter but who fly off anyway and so there is a parisian-girl look to the suits too. this time, i made the dresses not necessarily more fluid but certainly lighter than usual.i have always been above all a tailor of dresses but also evening gowns, and sexy corsets which are also quite structured. and so it was these butterflies that helped me conceive the dresses which make me wonder if i would have done them at a different time because now i feel more tempted by the idea of doing them or perhaps more confident about not becoming bland because i have always been worried about doing something too feminine or too romantic or too pretty.as you can see there are stones but there are also slightly offbeat layers, layers of tulle and occasionally some are in 3d.here, there is almost 80 metres of tulle and all of this is the same piece of tulle which is simply strengthened by twisting it. if you look at the padding, it looks like there are multiple layers of tulle like an overlap that is suppler and made in silk tulle.my parisians then become showgirls and so they have lots of feathers, they do their hair like this and they wear lots of hats and visors, so they are like parisian coquettes.catherine deneuve:i have an enormous amount of admiration for jean paul gaultier and i remember seeing his first haute couture collection. i was absolutely astounded to witness something of that importance and that quality because he is someone who works in couture, with gowns, extravagant evening dresses and who is also very strict and rigorous on suits and coats which really make you think of saint laurent.music from the show