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Rio Fashion Week- Nature, the sea and the urban: three of the city’s riches at the heart of the collections

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Following sao paulo, it is rio’s turn to host its own fashion week. and for its 25th edition, the city that is ready to tap to the football beat chose to highlight what makes it so rich: a cross between the sea, nature and the urban. three themes that are perfectly reflected throughout the collections unveiled last week. first of all, the link between nature and a desire for comfort remains one of the main threads of this fashion week, as presented by alessa who demonstrated skillful fluidity, yet mixed with a mystic touch…we also discover this mastery of cuts at patricia viera and her work with leather, even if chic exoticism ultimately conquers all, giving way to tie-dye tones. hats off to oh boy who proved a growing success in brazil with outfits that encourage travel and adventure…much like label cantão, and its ethereal, brightly coloured ensembles…in rio, swimwear plays a dominant role and designers are never short of ideas, offering a multitude of styles. at salinas, the muses of gauguin and birds of paradise become prints, leading us into a dream world whilst labels triya and lenny niemeyer propose swimsuits designed in luxurious materials and carefully constructed shapes. let’s not forget filhas de gaia who introduce a new, more researched and couture dimension with swimwear worn as clothes, playing with volumes and a hint of sportswear.likewise, the urban also takes on a dominant role at the rio shows. new energy unfurls from the brand espaço fashion, who retranslated the codes of the legendary carnival in a modern and original range. ditto ausländer who goes even further in its latest collection by targeting a younger, more street audience, much like r.groove who draws inspiration from city life, subtly mixing basics from the male wardrobe with sports attire. the gamble pays off for the label that already has a large following of fans.music free: bandit & nikit-2012