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Antonio Marras - Menswear Spring/Summer 2015 Collection in Milan (with interview)

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In the middle of the world cup, antonio marras pays homage to footballing great, gigi riva, by stamping the world of sport with sartorial notes. the result: a mix and match of traditional and more technical materials. a portrait of the player is printed and embroidered on white shirts, whilst ergonomic cuts are enriched by practical details. joggers morph into suit trousers and sweatshirts transform into blazers. floral prints, pinstripes and geometric bands of block colours perfectly reflect the dna of antonio marras, blending different worlds with elegance and poetry.interview:antonio marras:we took inspiration from very classic pieces but then we started to mix things as usual and we added sporty aspects to t-shirts and also big zips. there are plenty of bermudas and plenty of shirts that are actually embroidered with pictures of giga riva, so the world of football is very present. there is sportswear detailing on shoes and bags and these glasses are the very same ones worn by gigi riva.to us, he is an amazing hero because he led cagliari to victory in the ‘scudetto’ and the european championship for the first and only time, and for us sardinians but also the italians, he really represented something extraordinary. he made everybody dream, women fell in love with him because he was so elegant on the pitch but he was very elegant in real life too.music from the show