Dice Kayek - Haute Couture Collection Autumn/ Winter 2014/15 (with interview)

Welcome to Dice Kayek’s winter garden. For the first time, Ece Ege, the designer of Turkish origin, tries her hand at haute couture in becoming an invited member. During previous seasons, she had preferred a different format of presenting her prêt-a-porter collections with the presentation and creation of films. The staging, a dusky light in the lower depths of the Yoyo club in the Palais de Tokyo, has an arty feel with a touch of mystery. Only a few of the privileged were able to discover the fifteen silhouettes, each one carrying the name of a flower. The curve shape of the dresses define the structure and become airy through trompe l’oeil effects, playing on petals, pleats, and cascades of falling fabric, not forgetting the crystal and blown glass pearl embroideries . This embodies both force and softness, and everything is filled with romanticism and poetry. In short, young girls in flowers such as we would like to see more often. Interview:Dice Kayek :This is our first time, and it’s a great honour to be invited to this week of haute couture, It’s very prestigious. It’s also an incredible challenge that forces me to be more creative and visionary. We do a lot of research to create dresses that we don’t make all the time. Structure is my thing. My problem is that I had to study architecture, because over time, clothes are not able to fight against gravity. So we make everything in order that it rises and keeps its shape forever. In order to soften and embellish the shapes, which are very tough and solid, there are folds, draping, anything you want but all very airy. The two extremes are put together, that’s what is very difficult to attain this silhouette.Music from the show

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