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A Haute Joaillerie show at Bulgari

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the italian house bulgari has made the most of this haute couture week by organizing a soirée in the gardens of the famous restaurant apicius, in order to present their latest haute joaillerie collection in the form of a show, nicknamed musa, for muses. interview:jean-christophe babin :we have gone a step further by daring to cut the rocks into big caratages. i’m talking about twenty-five, thirty or forty carat emeralds, so that means accepting to make an enormous investment because obviously when you cut them into this kind of size there’s a lot of loss. on the other hand, haute joaillerie, like haute couture, should be a permanent reinvention, and along with ‘musa’ and the 130 years of bulgari, we wanted to show that we are going to take the art of haute joaillerie even further. it’s not only about the mise-en-scene of a beautiful stone in the same way you found it, but it’s a stone that you have actually reinvented, and have tried to glorify by surrounding it with others. carla bruni-sarkozy : i have a very close and actually extremely enjoyable relationship with the bulgari house, because being the face of their jewelry and their campaigns has in fact brought me closer to my italian roots. i love the coloured pieces, and the pieces that are disguised as trinkets whilst being the finest in haute joaillerie. and i also love the purity and beauty of the diamonds; there are some magnificent models tonight, sometimes with translucent skin or with black skin. the beauty of the diamonds is just like a dream. i think jewelry is poetry, i think they are memories, the past, a little like perfume. they transport you to a precious moment. eric bana: c’est très spécial, l’endroit est incroyable avec un beau défilé, tous les looks paraissaient divins et la joaillerie incroyable. ma femme serait prête à prendre tous les bijoux , ils sont tous magnifiques, je n’ai pas de favoris puisqu’ils sont tous incroyables. music from the show