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Donna Karan - Collection Spring/Summer 2015 New York

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The elegance of a new york woman can be defined by donna karan. the collection includes a simple jacket, the famous draped dress, plenty of crop tops which have become the new t-shirt, together creating the ideal wardrobe. the designer added that particularly for summer 2015, there will be an arty feel with urban colours to make new york even more excited about the clothes. interview: donna karan: it’s a relationship between art and the woman of new york and understanding the celebration of who she is, and the art in which she’s wearing. i think spring and summer is always the time to really have some fun. you know when we’re travelling around the world we’re in a bra, we’re in full breezy skirts, a skinny stretch skirt and a pair of pants, it’s a sportswear elegance. for me, i figure that a woman’s palette is black and white, it’s really simple, red is always a basic. you can never get hurt, every woman looks great in red and then you play! then neutrals and naturals, i don’t think i have in the past 30 years changed my colour palette! sometimes i do, very rarely though. music from the show