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Hunter Original - Collection Spring/Summer 2015 London

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After all the rain, now the good weather is back. for the second collection by hunter original, the creative director, alasdhair willis took us to an old swimming pool in the heart of london, the water was replaced by huge screens showing animated images created by mait maitland. on the catwalk the outfits were very much designed for the outdoors: with parkas, capes, and windbreakers worn with the latest designs of wedged shoes and boots. the rubber gave a trompe l’oeil effect to the materials with the colours, which started in the famous khaki, then moving onto other arty colours. paul mc cartney, father to stella mc cartney who is also alasdhair’s wife was present at the show, which created a friendly and happy atmosphere. interview: alasdhair willis: for me hunter is very much about an experience and it has to go hand in hand with the product, so when putting a show on…i don’t want to do something that’s…the space itself is key, this space really represents that sense of summer, that sense of water, the pool, fun, young, and it’s got this great light and as soon as you throw that kind of light onto a space and onto the collection and this show you immediately have this sense of what the brand is about is that spirit and that fun sense so the space was very very important to communicate that. i want to be authentic to what hunter is, so hunter is doing something quite new for the brand, you know we’re moving away from just being rubber wellington boots but at the same time i want it to feel authentic to who we are and what we represent. the product clearly has utility, it has use and function but there’s little kind of quirks and little kind eccentric details i call them that i want to layer onto it, which just gives it that humour element as well that is important. music from the show.