Louis Vuitton- Collection spring/summer 2015 in Paris (with interview)

The Louis Vuitton Foundation – which officially opens next October to the public – held the third show by Nicolas Ghesquiere (including the cruise collection) for the luxury house. A black room with screens projected videos of faces had a very futuristic feel, letting us know that we are on the verge of departing on a new LV adventure. Again we feel a sixties-seventies spirit reworked by the designer, but with a touch of freshness and modern romantism through the woven dresses in leather and varnished leather, with high collars and little black ribbon neck ties. Other dresses carried a fluidity, in white and khaki-brown. Leather was also found on the skirts which ever so slightly flared with large colourful stripes or on short cropped biker jackets.The perfect jeans are coordinated with a navy blazer. The arty and quirky images (the red car from Starsky&Hutch, a hair dryer, and matches) are printed on some white pieces. The trousers are worn loosely and finish mid calf, unless you choose the pair with leather knee protectors. A “Swinging London” feeling reappeared throughout with floral prints on velour pieces. Sequined embroidered dresses are zipped at the front, again for ease. A huge show, in a magical location beautifully closes Paris Fashion Week.Interview: Olivier Saillard: It seemed natural but all surprising and a little bit irreverent in fashion, and I think one should be a bit like that.Jonathan Anderson: It’s a classic ultimately, and it’s part of the French landscape, and I liked that he brought it down to a younger level, and kind of like a new type of French wardrobe. Hanneli Mustaparta : The Louis Vuitton show was gorgeous, it was a mix of so many things, it was a mix of sixties and seventies and then something contemporary at the same time and it was really, really well done and very inspiring.Music from the show.

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