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The Essentials for Men this Winter: To your checks!

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Checks and tartan will be warming up the men’s wardrobe this winter, from head to toe or with just a little touch, for a chic and laid back attitude. very renowned in scotland, this woollen texture in large checks quickly symbolises affiliations to a clan. some years later, it’s the punk movement who claim it to protest against the ruling class. today tartan has gained modernity, it’s been reinvented and the checks are being printed even on knitwear and fades to the clothes, making them unique and more technical. (itw)the suits take on a classic style, with a very british influence in wintery hues with fading of grey. elegant for the suits reworked more loosely or more fitted. revitalised by many imaginitve traits, highlighted by a stabilo line or with bold colours for a new more contemporary signature. if you’re not daring enough to wear all tartan, you can opt for just a stand out piece from the men’s wardrobe, a coat, or a jacket. it will be carried by it’s traditional motif some elegance and coolness. hedi slimane, likes it in a red and black style, for a more rock attitude, a little bit school-boy. in black and white, the allure is not the same and carries a more refined silhouette equally making it more urban.(itw)checks boost a man’s wardrobe with chicness and personality without being too serious...interview: antonio marras: this here is the same fabric, it starts with fur. there is something called ‘aguliato’ and then, you can see that it becomes another material and then again it becomes yet another. this really is a very modern and very strong technique that can be used on fabrics and also on wool.guillaume henry: we used tartan because the feeling of the 30s, of frank sinatra side and i liked the idea of rather large tartan such as this, which reminds me of certain images that spring to mind in wiigii photos or the days when groups of young men used to gather in casinos.free music/bandit & nikit