3.1 Phillip Lim - Menswear Show Autumn/Winter 2015/16 in Paris with interview

The mountain takes over Phillip Lim. The American designer, who chose to present his masculine collection in Paris, reinterprets the mountaineering codes in an urban wardrobe. The lobster claws are found on a belt, with strings and straps to finish off a jacket, becoming belts or even a t-shirt worn directly on the skin or stringed together underneath a shirt. The colours are mineral revolving around khaki, grey, and navy, all reinforced by the choice of luxurious and comfortable materials – wool, jacquard, and cashmere…The designer knows how to create desire through transformed basics. To note: the very successful quilted effect on a jacket or on a sweater.Interview: This collection is based on mountain climbing, really the metaphor mountain climbing, where slow and steady will get you to the top.I think like sports nowadays and athletics is really part of fashion, with people on the go, and I call them global citizens on the move, we are always moving around so we are always trying to incorporate functional aspects into fashion and this season is kind of my obsession over mountain climbing gear and caribenas and ropes and I did the art of tying and I literally take all of that and incorporate that into fashion. The most important part to me when you’re working on a collection, it has to be immediate, it has to be right now, it can’t be so abstract, where it’s like ok where does that fit into life? It has to be immediate and the desire has to be there, so you’re always working on a real context, because you know I make clothes for real people.Music from the show

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