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Umit Benan - Menswear Show Autumn/Winter 2015/16 in Paris

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The designer umit benan from turkish origin always takes us on a journey, to the discovery of his roots. for this new collection, he pays homage to the fishermen that he passed by each evening along the bosphore… dungarees and wind breakers in yellow, jumpsuits, huge jumpers, boots…the complete wardrobe, even in the casting of the boys of all ages, with smudged faces, who do the show. the designer has the talent to add an urban and sportswear touch. the jacket is easy to wear, even over the velvet suit in warm colours, the brown leather trousers go well with a knitted cardigan tied with a belt or if you prefer jogging bottoms with a matching jumper. comfort is the focus revolving around high quality essentials. to note: the dungaree-jumpsuit in dark green velvet.interview: umit benan: the way i start thinking about the collection, before the clothes is all about the men who inspire me, and i always say at first i have to find my men, then i need to fit the clothes to them, for me the character is always the most important in life in general because i feel like it’s all about the way you move, the way you act. i was born in germany to turkish parents, i lived in turkey, i grew up in turkey until i was 14, so i studied for around 12 years in istanbul and i grew up there, and i would always ask the driver when he picked me up from the school, i would say please take back home by the bosphorus first by the sea, and i have this image of myself in the back of the car putting on my hat looking out the window and just watching these fishermen you know, fishing to make money, and for me it really was this idea of life, the contrast between middle east and these bright colours because this was the only time i got to see bright colours in the country. men never like things that are tight or uncomfortable, they like to feel very relaxed so i tried to bring that sportswear, elegant and relaxed attitude to this collection music from the show