Dice Kayek - Haute Couture Fashion Show Spring/Summer 2015 in Paris with interview

The second participation in the haute couture week for Ece Ege, the Turkish designer from the label Dice Kayek, who proves her architectural talent for clothes through baby doll dresses.A true work of construction, and deconstruction, of pleating, and twisting, revolving around the body for pure silhouettes, and an extreme elegance. Ece is inspired by artists such as Annette Messager and Louise Bourgeois to create a truly desirable and wearable wardrobe. The embroidery on the evening pieces close with delicacy and brilliance this show of great workmanship and precision. Interview: Ece Ege: Annette Messager, Hans Bellmer, Louise Bourgeois have all used, created and worked with the idea of a doll. I love it because it’s my world, I’m still very childish, I love this world. It’s a child’s world, it’s very very colourful, very varied, there’s lot of light, of naivety, and beauty. And games, you have the lively designs, cartoons, and without an end…“The dress will always stay new” which is what Paul Eluard said at the end of this poem which he wrote. Hans Bellmer took the photos and they are put together to publish his book, it was magnificent. This touch to all of the areas that I love. Music from the show

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