3.1 Phillip Lim- Womenswear Show Autumn/Winter 2015/16 in New York

The essentials of a feminine wardrobe are all there : coat, biker jacket, trench, suit, dress, military trousers, jumpsuits, etc… but reinterpreted according to Phillip Lim. The shirt is undone and becomes a t-shirt, the coat is worn sleeveless or in contrast quilted, a leather dress with frills is zipped, bomber jackets are adorned in lace and the suit in a cobweb knit, a rock’n’roll twist and a sensual femininity. To note: the new very short bombers made in a variety of materials and which will quickly become the new hit-piece to get your hands on.Interview: Phillip Lim: This collection was really my way, you know what I mean and it was the idea of challenging the system, and I think that it was leading up to the tenth anniversary show which will be next season, I wanted to reflect on the systems, and when I say that, I mean the systems that we built the brand and the structure, and the human resources and actually even we built the branding and what people think of us as, you know what I mean and I wanted to kick that around a little bit and kind of toss them off you know, still keeping what you said the staples, but now remix and reinvent it.The spider wools – you see that usually in sweaters and knitwear and it was interesting to take that into tailoring, even the idea of treating traditional gabardine and suiting but making it ultra feminine and sexy – that was a challenge to do.For me I always work backstage, I never really pay attention I just keep doing at finding solutions and questioning and answering, and questioning and answering so whatever the result is to this day I’m completely there are no words, it’s like a dream. Free music from the show

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