3.1 Phillip Lim- Fashion Show Spring-Summer 2016 in New York with interview

Not a day goes by without celebration during New York fashion week.Now it’s the turn of Philip Lim to excite in the 10th anniversary of his label and invites Maya Lin to complete the setting: land dunes will be replanted in a park in NYC, a way for the designer to keep his feet on the ground and close to nature…As for the clothing, Phillip Lim wanted lightness created with gazar and organza which makes everything float into the air. The designer rethinks over his vocabulary well: the perfecto , khaki parka , the teddy which he finished in net at the back, the sharp edges and asymmetric tops coordinated with further ultra-high waist trousers. The basics interspersed the fashion souvenirs which has made its success for 10 years and will certainly impact the next following 10…ITW Phillip LimThis show is to stop and smell the flowers and really to slow down and appreciate the present. I think we accomplished it as I am appreciative right now and I’m so happy. This show feels so different, I’m so nervous but it doesn’t matter because I’m happy.I worked with artist Maya Lin and we wanted to make a landscape of simple dirt, because that’s where life begins and life ends.My mum always tells me to keep my feet on the ground and my head in the air. Even the colours, they were the child idea of earth, green, blue, little hits of yellow, with the sun, the sky, the sea, the burlaps, the tans, the really simple sand. It was the idea of taking all the elements I always love and have been practising for 10 years; romanticism, athletics and reality. Inside I’m a diehard hopeless romantic so I wanted that to come out today. Music of the fashion show

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