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Giambattista Valli Fashion show - Haute Couture Spring /Summer 2016 (with interview)

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Designer : giambattista vallilocation: carreau du templesilhouette: short, embroidered with flowers and adorned with so many ruffles for little cocktail dresses in silk crepe and for the evening, long in draped chiffon silk and ball gowns in tulle pleated with rose peony or red poppy. to note: the jewelled headband, with its silver globe interview of giambattista valli :10 years is a big step. it’s a moment of reflexion, and it’s the first time i’ve stopped and looked backit is thanks to paris and to france that giambattista valli exists today as a house and it is thanks to paris that i can do this amazing job for this house. i feel so privileged and grateful to able to do haute couture and proud that my house is a haute couture house. it’s an enormous honour. so i dedicated this collection to a parisian story, the story of a woman who is like a flower or a bouquet of flowers. i walked around the 4 most symbolic parisian gardens for example, jardin du luxembourg & the palais royal. i also thought of free french parisian women. i thought of a moment that’s quite emblematic for france when there was a revolution and the empire formed. so i imagined inviting 3 of napoleon’s sisters into the collection. i know it was extraordinary in a sense really not ordinary just like haute couture. music of the show (donot reuse for more than 7 days after the show)