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The latest Haute Jewelry collections

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The haute couture week always ends beautifully with the big jewellery houses joining the fashion shows to unveil their latest exceptional pieces. a rendezvous in the place vendome, discovering 4 houses, where the atelier’s savoir-faire delivers an ever more sophisticated technical prowess. at boucheron, owned by kering, it’s about evoking a theme dear to the house and this season it will be about the always symbolic and ever present animals in the collection. several new pieces but only 8 models of haute jewellery, hans the hedgehog in rose gold encrusted with diamonds and rubies pulls at our heart strings just like the horse pegasus whose mane is magnificently sculpted counting near to 334 diamonds and two cabochon sapphires.at chopard, colours invade the private room of the house through this haute jewellery collection comprising of 9 pieces. caroline scheufele, the general and artistic director, plays with exceptional stones with a wink to nature, cuffs and necklaces detach to become broaches or earrings while petals follow the curves hand, rings presented in their own box.at de beers, the poesy becomes a dream, by showcasing stars wearing the latest designs of the english jeweller. the house knows that the product placement, even in haute jewellery, sells and clearly highlights it. we love the exceptional ring with a rare yellow 70 carat diamond or the silk necklaces in all colours containing jewels that can become broaches.finally chanel continues alone to present a full collection consisting of 48 pieces called "chanel’s signature," and this time it sticks to the famous quilt, worked exceptionally in different fabrics and it’s even encrusted with the famous white pearls like the cufflinks, making you want to wear them straight away... or the exceptional cyclops necklace. interview from: benjamin comarthis is a new collection, themed on quilts and rounded squares; they are 2 geometric shapes very dear to chanel, as everyone knows.the technical performance was very important in order to achieve the geometric pattern, in something supple and easy to wear for women today.this necklace has this magnificent ceylan sapphire, it’s extraordinary. for me it is the exegesis of this collection because it takes on the pattern that is unravelling, all in softness around the neck like a long chain. as we are a multi-product brand which also makes fashion, the way in which the woman wears the clothes and the freedom of how she wears it, is something fundamental for us. music free of right : bandit & nikit