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Moschino- WOMENSWEAR collection Autumn-Winter 2016/17 in Milan (with interview)

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Designer: jeremy scott decor: a pile of old antique chairs, picture frames, mirrors, pianos and glass chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and carpet floorinspiration: a biker-girl in leather and taffeta + a 40’s couture spirit treated with humour by jeremy scott with a burning dress or a chandelier dress.focus on: a perfecto dress, a leather skirt and top in tied taffeta and a dress with a train over leather trousers. a silhouette that plays with the contrasts like the image of a strapless dress worn with a t-shirtnote: cap fixed on the head, a chain and pearl necklace mix and fascinator with one hand holding a cigarette.interviews from jeremy scott:at the beginning there was a biker game girl storming through the palazzo. it’s about mixing a ball gown that’s shredded in half with a biker jacket that’s twisted, upside down, or jeans that are wripped up and torn under an evening gown. you have all these different elements together, stomping through and of course cigarettes are the same addiction people have to fashion, fashion is like nicotine. i really wanted to make a contrast of how people’s addiction to fashion is just like the addiction to cigarettes, with this idea of cigarettes burning and decaying glamour. i tried to bring something exciting to the runway, i love to hopefully put smiles on people’s faces and do something exciting, fresh, new and unexpected this season with the dresses with the smoke machines in them and they are on fire, disintegrating glamour. it is inspired by the bonfire of the ‘the bonfire of the vanities’ from 1497 here in italy when they burned all the luxurious dresses, make up and all the musical instruments and the paintings and the books; everything that was artistic, they threw it all into the bonfire so i really wanted to do that showing the underpinnings of the gowns where you see the couture and the boning and all the effort behind the dress peeling away. anna cleveland : i feel lit up, you know what i am saying, this fashion show was all about having this kind of renaissance feeling but giving it this sort of grunge touch in a way, so i felt like floating; music of the show, (donot reuse for more than 7 days after the show)