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The 31st edition of the Hyères International Festival of Fashion and Photography

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The 31st hyères international festival of fashion and photography was held at the noailles villa, founded by jean-pierre blanc and chaired this year by julien dossena , for the fashion side (paco rabanne’s artistic director) and by william klein for the photography side. it prioritized young and aspiring artists and celebrated creating around meet ups, exhibitions and a fashion show, this year highlighting boldness and colour… the grand jury prize was awarded this year to the japanese wataru tominaga, for his colorful menswear collection.as for the photography prize, it was awarded to the czech vendula knopova.interviews from jean-pierre blanc;;julien dossena;;wataru tominaga;;vendula knopovà; anaïs boileaujean-pierre blanc:so here we launch a competition, people take part, its demanding, it costs money, it takes a lot of energy and people want to come, they want to come more and more, so that is it, that’s what makes it such high quality as first and foremost we take gifted, interested and interesting people.it’s pretty impressive to see these young people evolving in such a tough world. we think we’ve grown up in a tough world but for them it is even harder and despite it they are energetic, they are happy, they adore colour- i just love this generation. fashion has to be connected with life and i hope that the hyeres festival is. people say it is anyway and honestly that is the most rewarding thing for me to hear or the biggest compliment to give me saying that this festival is connected with life.anaïs boileau:there is an incredible jury who looked at our pictures and this year william klein was a part of it too, so it really was an amazing opportunity. then to come here and actually have chats with them with no time restrictions, so we could discuss anything for an hour if we liked with every member of the jury. julien dossena:it’s great to be able to actually select and rank candidates that i believe in for different reasons, so my participation is so interesting being the president of the jury, i love it. wataru tominaga:i was really interested in colour through fashion in the 70’s and 60’s when it was the hippy movement and when the young people dressed in women’s and men’s clothes they mixed styles, they didn’t really care. vendula knopovà:i am so happy and super glad to be here and to win the prize and everything; i don’t know what can i say i am so totally happy!music free of right : bandit & nikit