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Vivienne Westwood - MENSWEAR collection spring/summer 2017 in Milan (with interview)

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Designers: vivienne westwood and andreas kronthalertheme: a film introduces the english designer’s new fight defending julian assange, unjustly retained since 2012 at the embassy of ecuador in london under the cost of an international arrest warrant issued by sweden.focus on: the cat that julian assange holds in a picture, shared everywhere on social networks and can be found printed on t-shirts. + a unisex fashion, asymmetrical and perforated knit that wraps around the body, skirts and dresses for men without neglecting the sartorial spirit, dear to the english label, treated in an oversized way.+ a summer in total lightness, with supple and weightless fabrics.note: numerous accessories, gaiters on the legs, cuffs on the arms + the sandals.makeup: focus on the drawn on eyes breaking news: the collection catwalks for the last time in milan and will now be presented at the same time as the womenswear in london.interviews from vivienne westwood and andreas kronthaler vivienne westwood:what i am saying in that video is that julien has never been charged with a crime, the reason is because there is no evidence of anything against him it was completely manufactured by the press and the reason that that was done was because he was america’s most wanted man.andreas kronthaler:again guys are wearing dresses, it’s summer, there are these cotton dresses, they are arab influenced clothes, where women wears the same dresses as a man there is no difference there is a lot of knitwear, fine cotton knit wear, because i think there is nothing like things you can just screw up and throw in the corner or throw in your luggage and we’ve twisted the cotton yarn.who wants restricting tight thick clothes, everything is very light. music of the show, do not reuse for more than 7 days after the show